Getting Serious

Well folks the traditional wisdom holds that politics only gets serious post Labor Day.  People are back from vacation, kids back in school and the flow of life returns to normal.  Supposedly this "normal" includes voters taking the presidential race more seriously however in this year of putrid candidates that may prove elusive at best.  By all accounts the Queen of Corruption, Hillary Clinton, will win pretty handily come November.  Her advantage in the electoral college is clear and she has tons of ill gotten gains in the bank.  She should win in a walk but I don't think she will.  Yes she probably will squeak by and achieve her cherished goal of being the first woman to be president.  Still Trump is proving to be the energizer bunny running around the country doing rallies while Hillary is busy taking naps.  Indeed this may reflect the fact that she is not well.  Yesterday's big coughing attack in Ohio did nothing to quiet the rumors that she is seriously ill. 

So it's quite possible that this election may give us a big surprise.  I still intend to vote for Gary Johnson although the likelihood of him appearing in the first debate is now remote and this will surely hurt his chances of being a real factor.  It's clear that tons of people hate Hillary and if that emotion does make it's way into the voting booths come November we might be in for a surprise.

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