God Save the Queen

The world may be falling apart but for the British it's been all about honoring the Queen on the occasion of her 60th Jubilee. I must admit to be a bit of an Anglophile when it comes to the pomp and circumstance that the English do so well hence I have liked watching the various celebratory events.  I really admire Elizabeth.  The old gal is beginning to look her age but she still carries on and for 86 year old looks pretty good. On the other hand I could sure do without Prince Charles and his horse faced wife Camilla.  However, Kate looks fabulous and quickly is replacing Diana as a fashion icon.  Loved her red outfit and boy can she wear it!!  She has been a great addition for the Royals.  There are some in England that detest the monarchy and wish to see it dissolved.  Still in a world largely devoid of good taste and smart manners the British are fortunate to have some folks around who still hang on to tradition and taste.  God Save the Queen!!

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