Good Riddance Sean

Although I now reside in the arm pit of the world (New Jersey) I will always consider New York my home.  I was born there and will have my ashes strewn at various locations in the Empire State.  So I am delighted to report that my home state is about to lose one of its most obnoxious residents – Sean Hannity.  It seems that this ignoramus is very upset about the high taxes in New York and the recent statement by Governor Cuomo saying folks like him have no place in New York.  Accordingly the big mouth jerk has put his Long Island mansion on the market and is considering a move to either Florida or Texas.  I am hoping that he chooses Florida since the state is perfect for him.  Given that Hannity is a racist it’s a place where white people can kill black people and juries let them off.  It’s a state where virtually everyone carries a gun and one can be blown away for texting in a movie theater. It’s a state that has a governor who refuses to let more poor people get Medicaid, which is  something Sean must really savor.  Moreover he can now hang out with Rush Limbaugh and have super hate fests. I think Texas is a no go for Hannity the former contractor and college drop-out.  He wouldn’t look good in cowboy boots!!! So New York will bid adieu to one of the biggest liars on Fox News. Good riddance Sean and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!!

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