Happy April Fool’s Day

I must admit to really liking April Fool’s Day.  It’s a perfect surrogate for the lives that many of us lead.  To be sure, I usually try to prank someone on this first day of April but as of this writing still have not determined who my target will be this year.  However, needless to say we are surrounded by many fools who continue to dominate the news. Perhaps the biggest fool (no pun intended) is the Fat Slob Governor of New Jersey who continues to believe he can get the GOP presidential nomination.  In an interview with another big fool -Megyn Kelly of Fox News – the sociopath of Trenton proclaims he doesn’t “have too much baggage” to get the nomination. Guess he’s not counting that huge spare tire he carries around.  Then there are the fools who continue to try to find the missing plane.  These fools are playing a shell game with the public trying to cover up the fact that the plane was either hijacked or taken by aliens.  They are in the process of playing evidence with the hope that a gullible public will buy in to their deception. Then of course we have the entire Republican Party that can be counted on for huge laughs on this day of celebrating fools.  How about Ted Cruz?  He would make a perfect court jester. Better yet Paul Ryan who is known here as Eddie Munster.  Eddie continues to try to fool people into thinking he cares about poor people when all of his policies benefit the super rich. Anyway Happy April Fools day folks and watch your step!!!

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