Has he no shame????

I've been sort of quiet lately owing to my complete disdain for the idiot who is president but also for both political parties.  It's hard to be patriotic this fourth of July with this bunch in in control.  Therefore it's been tough to post since the entire political atmosphere has this surreal feeling.  However, you can always count on the Fat Slob governor of New Jersey to shake me up and send me to the key board.  Currently NJ is in the midst of a budget crisis which has been made much worse because of the Fat Slob.  With no budget in place the state has had to shut  parks and beaches for the important holiday weekend.  This includes Liberty State Park which is home to the Statue of Liberty.   With the public unable to get to the beach that is home to the Slob's beach home this horrendous excuse for a human being has the nerve to sun his fat body on the beach along with his ugly family.  To be sure until the photo of him sunning himself like a beached whale surfaced he had denied being on the beach!!!!  The Slob's approval rating in the state is now at 16% and after this caper heading even lower.  He is a disgusting lackey ass kisser who is destined to be Dump's butt boy before too long.  This is man who had no hesitation in closing the George Washington Bridge in an act of political vengeance.  It cost lives!!!  Folks died of heart attacks and EMT's could not get to them in time.  Now the Fat Slob is perfectly willing to see aides like Bridget Kelly take the fall and go to jail.

I must remind readers that even when the Slob was riding high I warned folks about his character.  I have been proven correct more than I could have imagined.!!! The man has no shame!!!!

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