Hate Indiana Style

You would think something like this could not happen in the USA in the 21st century but it did.  The Republican legislature in Indiana passed an anti-gay law which hilariously was termed "Religious Freedom Act" that allows discrimination against gay people.  The moron Governor of Indiana, also a right wing Republican, signed the bill into law this week.  Now businesses that don't like gay people can refuse service to these folks and get away with it.  So if a gay couple planning to wed wants a wedding cake the bakery has the right to turn away their business on "religious" grounds.  A hotel caould tell a gay person to get lost.  Of course the absurdity of this new law is obvious to any thoughtful or compassionate person but this hasn't stopped the cretins in Indiana from implementing it.  I love the way the hateful legislation is cloaked as religious freedom.  Makes me sick.  Many businesses have now announced they will boycott Indiana and they should.  Let's hope these religous bigots get raptured up very soon and allow the rest of us to live our lives free of hateful people.

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