Have They No Shame?

Yesterday Mitt-Witt accused the Obama campaign of running a campaign of "hate" owing to a comment made by Vice President Biden in which he referenced the word "chains" in talking about what the R&R ticket and the Republicans are attempting to do to the American people with their policies of economic elitism.  According to the Republicans Biden's remarks had racial overtones and should be condemned.  For my part, I say go right ahead and say that Joe Biden because you are right!!  For the Republicans to be lecturing President Obama on "hate" politics is a little like considering Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize. For the past three and half years the Republicans have directed the most vicious hate politics at the first African American president of the United States.  They have said he was not born in the US and was therefore had no validity in office.  We all know what that was about.  The reason people like Donald Trump were going around saying that was because Obama is black. The entire Birthier movement was predicated on hate and nobody in the GOP condemned the tactic.  Even today the Mitt-Witt campaign is running ads accusing Obama of being the friend of welfare recipients by not asking them to work, a charge that is utterly false.  They talk about Obama being "the first food stamp president".  Now the lying moron who is the head of his party accuses the Obama campaign of running a campaign of hate?  Have they no shame!!!!!!!!

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