Hey Francis Mind Your Own Business

Regular readers know that I am no fan of the Papacy.  Indeed, the Papacy is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world.  Pope Francis has recieived much praise since assuming the throne of Peter for being a humble and kind man.  The world loves him!!  Well don't count me as one of his fans!!!

The man is an outright Maxist and today this phony creep injected himself into the US Presidential election by saying he didn't think Donald Trump was a Christian because he wants to build a wall on our southern border to keep the scum of Mexico from entering the US illegally and then applying for all the benefits of a citizen.  The nerve of the Pope is almost inconceivable!! Since when does the Vicar of Rome have the right to inject himself into the internal politics of the USA??  

As Francis heads back to Vatican City which is surrounded by a HUGE WALL perhaps he should try taking care of his own house.  If he wants to help the poor of the world so much why not sell the billions in art treasures held by the Vatican?  Why not take some billions out of the corrupt Vartican Bank?  Maybe he should also think about treating women in the Chruch like equal participants in the Body of Christ? Perhaps he should even consider taking more severe action against the legion of priests that have molested young boys? I could go on and on.

This Argentine phony probably handed the election to Trump by his stupid comments.  You know what Francis just keep you mouth shut!!

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