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Been pretty quiet on this front lately.  I guess I got to the point where it became difficult to even write about the sad state of affairs both in the world and more specifically here at home. I am on the leading edge of the baby boomer generation and as I look back in time I can't remember a period when our political leaders were so incompetent and foolish.  The are fiddling while the nation is on the verge of burning.  When is the last time in the past few weeks you heard about the urgency of cutting spending and reducing the deficit?  Instead, the news is filled with scandal and most recently a case of high treason.  Meanwhile, and perhaps this is my old financial analyst thing coming to the fore, the nation's economy is still a mess particularly on the employment front.  A rising stock market has only served to divert attention from the urgency of our fiscal plight.  My generation of boomers is about to break the national bank by dint of huge Medicare spending and the entire issue of health care costs is a national outrage.

In my beloved NYC Mayor Douche continues to amaze with his arrogance and delusions of grandeur. The bike program is another of example of Bloomberg's desire to leave a legacy.  I'll tell you what his legacy will be.  He will be remembered as a Mayor who tried to tell you what to eat and drink because he knew better than you what was good for you.  He will be remembered as a thin skinned little Caesar who thought we should be thankful just to have him in our midst.  Indeed, he had the law changed so he could run for a third term because the "city needed him".  The current crop of hopefuls for mayor is to say the least dismal. To the delight of the tabloids Anthony Wiener is running for mayor.  Really can't make this stuff up. Here is New Jersey our Fat Slob (FS) governor proved once again that his only real priority in  life is his political advancement.  The FS is surely running for president and the media will love him. The FS has been a TERRIBLE governor but because of Sandy and then the media adoration of him he has emerged as a  big (no pun intended) political player.

Spent last few months doing lots of reading.  Among the books was The Last Lion which concerns Winston Churchill during the war years.  If you are a history buff take the time to read it.  Great insights into all the great WW2 players.  Learned lots about Stalin and FDR.  Also finished a book about Calvin Coolidge which filled in some gaps in my prior knowledge of the presidency during an interesting time in US history. 

Lastly I must admit to not watching Cable News anymore.  The Boston thing finished me off with the media.  Watching lots of movies of late which I must say is better for my blood pressure.  Will try and stay in touch.

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