High Political Risk

In judging the prospects for the stock market it's prudent to consider the overall political situation in a nation.  Instability in the political structure is not a good thing, but unfortunately that's just what may be happening in the United States at this very moment.  A bunch of right wing racist nuts are challenging the very pillar of our political system.  Republicans have been eagerly embracing the nut jobs and one would have to be completely delusional to believe that lots of racism isn't entering into the current animosity and hatred directed at President Obama.  The air waves are filled 24-7 with hate being spewed by the likes of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the new poster boy for psychopaths, Glenn Beck.  These folks rile up an army of ignorant and resentful white people. If this kind of poisonous political environment is not soon reversed the stock market will react very negatively.

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