Hillary a sure thing?

It's with great interest that I read of potential other candidates for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination other than Hillary Clinton.  Of course this is great news to me since I think Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest sleaze artists to ever come along.  First of all I absolutely detest the way the press falls over her like she is the second coming.  Here is women that virtually accomplished nothing in her life without the aid of her husband and who is touted as a great feminist.  The great feminist that looked the other way in the midst of a lurid sex scandal involving her husband and  then walked arm and arm with Slick Willie just for show and forgiveness.   Or was it money?  Seems Hillary has just done one thing after the other in search of the almightily buck.  Whitewater, cattle futures, lucrative book deals, and now $250,000 for a speech.  That last one really tickles me.  Imagine anyone paying that much money to hear Hillary shriek?  As for accomplishments I don't see many.  She was put in charge of "health care" in Clinton's first term and she botched that pretty good.  She ran a horribly inept campaign for president in 2008, and as Secretary of State she put in lots of time in the air but what did she achieve besides having one of our ambassadors killed under her watch.  Please Democrats put forth some additional candidates.

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