Hillary Clinton

I'm really getting a kick out of all the news commentators falling over themselves claiming that Hillary Clinton is sure to get the 2016 Democrat nomination for president and then of course sweep to victory to become the nation's first female president.  Indeed, Hillary according to many commentators should now be a candidate for sainthood having been an outstanding Secretary of State and an overall great person.  What hogwash!!!  First I would appreciate anyone telling me what great accomplishments she achieved while at State.  As far as I can see she spent lots of times traveling around the world not doing too much of anything. Of course before being appointed Secretary of State she ran an incompetent campaign for president.  Before that she was Senator from New York where she never lived before deciding it was a great place to be a senator from.  In other words she was a carpetbagger.  Indeed, in other episodes in her life she made a fortune in cattle futures overnight, made millions from crooked Whitewater deals, and looked the other way while her husband was getting blow jobs in the Oval Office by an intern.  Yeah Hillary is quite a gal.

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