Hillary in Hiding

Perhaps Hillary Clinton has caught on to the fact that people really don't like her since she seems to be in an undisclosed location hiding from public view.  Maybe she is spending much of her time lambasting her sex crazed husband about his alleged romps with young girls?  Or perhaps she is counting her money and looking at ways to avoid paying taxes?

Or better yet maybe she is learning how to bake cookies?  In any event she hasn't shown her puss in many a month and her Greta Garbo imitation is beginning to make people wonder if she really will run for president.  Yesterday a couple of polls came out showing that Her Majesty would lose to Elizabeth Warren in both Iowa and New Hampshire.  Too bad that Ms, Warren says she is not running but the news of these polls should excite other would be challengers.  I sure hope she decides not to run since the last thing this country needs is another Bush-Clinton rematch.

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