Hillary’s Chutzpah

Gotta give the woman credit, she’s got massive chutzpah. Hillary Clinton has gone public with the view that Obama’s foreign policy has been stupid.  Of course the vulgar woman from Chappaqua used another word for stupid which also began with an “s”.  I guess she is living up to her reputation as being a foul-mouthed creep.  Anyway folks can you imagine the nerve of this woman to be calling Obama’s foreign policy stupid when she served as his SECRETARY OF STATE.  Of course Hillary thinks she can get away with this disingenuous bullcrap since the media lets her get away with most of everything.   This dissing of Obama fits right into the scenario outlined in the recent best seller Blood Feud by Edward Klein.  It seems the Clintons hate Obama and the feeling is very mutual.  It’s going to be real interesting as Hillary seeks her turn in the Oval Office.  You know Obama and Michele have some mischief up their sleeves for Hillary and her scumbag husband.  Hillary should be worried.  If Obama sabotages Hillary with even a portion of the black vote she will be toast in the general election.  So go ahead Hillary keep bashing President Obama, but remember what goes around comes around.

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