His Twisted World

Well there has been another mass murderer in the news.  Seems this guy Elliot Rodgers couldn’t get a “date”, or more specifically couldn’t get any sex from women,so he embarked on a killing spree that left six dead in its wake. Now folks if this pretty good-looking guy with a hot car and money to boot couldn’t get a girl in the sack he must have had a REALLY bad personality!!  The failure of the system to put a clamp on him before he killed so many is very disturbing.  All the signs were there that this guy was a nut.  And once again he is allowed to buy semi-automatic weapons.  No background check.  However what is most disturbing to me is how this incident is a commentary on America in 2014.  We are a society without limits.  The celebrity of the Internet Era makes it even more attractive to deranged people to pursue their dastardly deeds.  They will have more than just 15 minutes of fame.  How the world must view us.  A bunch of lunatics running around buying guns and then using them.  Today we honor those who gave their lives for this country.  It’s a shame that our society has deteriorated to the point that even their service is not fully recognized by the self-centered Internet freaks who are always seeking personal fame and in Elliot Rodgers case sex. The results can be fatal.

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