How low can they sink?

The past couple of days has witnessed the most despicable character assassination that I can remember with the right wing press trying to sully the integrity of Trayvon Martin.  This poor black kid who is walking along and minding his own business and is attacked and ultimately shot to death by a creep named George Zimmerman.  Now Fox News is beating the drums that Trayvon was a hood and in some way deserved his fate.  The totally repulsive Drudge Report all but accuses the same.  This really makes me sick.  How can Zimmerman be the victim?  This fat slob is still walking the streets with his gun.  If he was injured why didn't he go to the hospital that night?  Why didn't he back off when the cops told him to stop stalking this kid?  Who is paying for his attorney who is making the media rounds claiming self defense when Zimmerman doesn't have a job?  And who is the one with a police record?  It's Zimmerman not Martin. Does the press know that there is an active KKK cell in the area of Florida that the kid was killed in? 

This entire episode makes me ashamed to be an American!

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