How tacky and vulgar can you get?

I never had any inclination ever going down to the 9-11Museum but after the recent revelations about this museum I can assure readers that I will never make the trip.  To me and many other New Yorkers this site is sacred ground.  Our city was attacked there and many friends, neighbors, and acquaintances met an awful end on the infamous September day.  The site still contains the remains of many who died there.  Who can forget the images of people jumping from those towers. Perhaps the folks who nibbled canapes and drank champagne for the opening of this museum forgot that.  But perhaps the most tacky aspect of this museum is the “gift” shop replete with souvenirs to remember that horrible day.  Among the many items for sale was a commemorative cheese board!!  Really can you get much more tacky and vulgar than that?  What is wrong with our society these days to even think something like that would honor what happened there?  The whole thing makes me sick!!

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