I Can’t Stand It Anymore

I just can't stand it anymore.  Turning on the TV and listening to the cable news channels proclaim the imminent demise of the financial world is more than I can take.  First off, I resent the fact that the so-called talking heads on these outlets are morons, totally unqualified to be rendering opinions on complicated financial problems.  It's all theater.  I really believe that a good part of this mess can be firmly placed on the feet of the media, and in my view especially Fox Business News.  These creeps lovedisaster and that's what they are helping achieve by a constant barrage of depressive feature stories.  Yes, times are tough.  You can see that by just walking around Manhattan and seeing all the store vacancies.  People who can afford to "consume" are not doing so because the are scared to death by all the negative news.  It has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Is the real power in this country not in the political class any longer but in the media class?

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