I Love the Yankees and if “you got, spend it”

I have been a Yankee fan all my life.  I was literally born in a hospital in the shadow of Yankee Stadium.  I have had season tickets for more than thirty years.  I love the Yankees.  Recently, it's been difficult being a Yankee rooter.  The team didn't even make the playoffs this year.  Seems in keeping with everything else going out of order in 2008.  The hated Red Sox claim title to the best in baseball for the past few years.  However, the tide may be turning.  The Yanks have spent nealy a half billion dollars in recent weeks in getting some of the biggest names in the game to be wearing pintripes in 2009.  The display of financial might by the Yankees was awesome and so refreshing in a time of financial failure and panic.  Maybe the Yankees can teach lots of people a lesson.  If you got it ———–spend it!!  Then maybe the economy would get a real stimulus.  Merry Christmas!

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