Ike was right

Perhaps you can blame it on the recent Super Full Moon?  Lately, it seems the world has gone mad.  For days the media fed on the story of the Japanese quake and tsunami and the subsequent crisis regarding the nuclear plants.  Such coverage caused a run on iodine tablets in California where the risk of nuclear plant fallout was nil.  Panic was created by the greedy fools in the media.  Suddenly, this story was dropped as fast as a hot fuel rod  for war coverage.  Yes, nothing like a good war to get the creeps whipped up. It seems the United Nations gave coverage to our military going into Libya. Picking another fight with a Moslem country.  Why is it that the US is now involved in a civil war in a country that is of no strategic threat to our national security? I learned an amazing fact yesterday.  The US has 1.3 million troops deployed around the world.  We still have troops in Europe and the Far East.  Plus we are now involved in three wars!! Enough all ready.  Eisenhower was right when he warned us to beware of the military-industrial complex.  Man was Ike right!

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