I’m a Bronx Boy

This weekend I will be going up to The Bronx to root on my son who will be competing in the Bronx 10 mile race as a prelude to his running in the 2015 NYC marathon.  I was born in The Bronx not too far from where he will begin the race.  Lived in the borough until I was 23 and then moved north to Westchester where I was fortunate enough to live in places like Bronxville and Chappaqua. Now I’m ensconced in New Jersey which still feels very foreign to me.  However, my Bronx roots will always be with me.  Yankee Stadium, The Zoo, and Fordham University where I went to college, will always be with me. So will the fabulous multi-cultural experience of living there.  Too often those of us who move from The Bronx forget our roots.  Many get caught up in the country club life of the affluent suburbs as they rattle around in their McMansions forgetting like so many of us that we were raised in small apartments with maybe six people sharing two bedrooms and one bath.  Fortunately this great county afforded so many of us the opportunity to do better financially  than our parents but those Bronx days will always stay with me.  The extended family and sense of being connected to a neighborhood are precious things that living in the suburbs cannot duplicate You never seemed to be alone in The Bronx.  So I return to The Bronx on Sunday with great anticipation.  I will be going home!!!

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