Is Trump right?

Include me near the top of the list for disliking Donald Trump. The man is an egotistical jerk who just happens to know exactly how to play the media.  He has gotten tons of ink ever since announcing his rather hopeless quest for the GOP Presidential nomination.  Something that as of now has fourteen other people chasing.  Give Trump this, he knows how to get attention in a crowded field of weirdos by making explosive comments about Mexican immigrants being criminals, rapists, and drug dealers.  Of course huge public outrage has followed and the Donald has loss endorsements from many businesses.  Even Macy's dropped him as if they needed an opportunity to get rid of displaying those horrible and over priced Trump ties.  In any event the man stirred the pot and of course his characterization of Mexicans is ridiculous.  However, let' get real friends Mexico is not sending their best and brightest to the good old USA.  Mexico floods this country with more immigrants than any other country. Again, face the facts.  The border is really nonexistent. Many undesirable folks ARE getting in.  So perhaps one of the reasons Trump is surging in the polls is the fact that people recognize there is inherent truth in what the blowhard is spouting.  

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