It can’t get much worse

Really folks how much worse can things get?  The financial markets melted down again yesterday and with good reason.  The proposed bailout of the greedy creeps who were once the masters of the universe is hitting a few snags in Congress.  In the end some sort of bailout package will be passed but it won't do much good. I still think the stock market is finished for years to come and that the only "safe" haven is cash.  At some point we may even regress to a barter economy, particulary if a lunatic like John McCrazy and his clueless sidekick from Alaska happen to win the election.  Indeed, the only hope for some restoration of national order rests on the shoulders of Barack Obama. However, his election is no sure thing because he is black.  Unfortunatley, there are a sufficient number of racists in the country who will not vote for him owing to his skin color. If indeed that does happen this once great country deserves to go down the drain.

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