It’s a sin to tell a lie(s)

Well the election is over and President Obama will be serving another term.  I think he earned it by rescuing the economy from the brink of depression, saving the US auto industry, and attempting to bring health care to those who were without it. He accomplished these things not withstanding an opposition that vilified him and from the very outset of his first term sought to make him a one term president.  They failed.  Perhaps the Republicans would have fared better if they would have nominated a person who was truthful and had some core principles and that people would have trusted to be a consistent and steady leader.  Mitt Romney was not that person.  Indeed, he told more lies than any candidate I can ever remember who ran for president and readers know the disdain in which I held him.  Perhaps the last straw is when he ran that ad in Ohio saying Chrysler was going to ship jobs overseas when it clearly was not going to do any such thing.  He lied about Obama's welfare record and numerous other things.  He constantly flipped his positions on issues and you really couldn't get handle on what the man actually believed in.  I'm convinced that even those who voted for him did so out of hatred for the president most of which was based on race. The man is a horrible creep and I don't care how gracious he sounded last night in his concession speech he is a pathological liar.  I'm pretty sure that if the Republicans has nominated someone of higher character and principle we would be looking at a different situation today.  Romney's money bought the nomination and he thought he could lie his way into the oval office.  Thank goodness it didn't work.  Best of luck to President Obama and let's hope the country can come together and attempt to solve the huge problems that confront the republic.

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