It’s All About Guns

To be sure, the man who killed nine people in a church in South Carolina last night must be mentally disturbed.  However, the fact remains that his heinous crime could not have been committed without a gun.  There are just too many guns in this country and the ease of access to a firearm is ridiculous.  It seems Americans are not safe from the gun scourge anywhere.  Little children are killed in schools and people who are praying are killed in churches.  Meanwhile the NRA continues to fund our worthless legislators who refuse to even require more extensive background checks before one can purchase a gun.  It's estimated that there are 300 MILLION guns in the USA.  With our society falling apart and the level of racial hate so super heated it's only logical to assume that events like last night's massacre in Charleston will only multiple.  It's time to revisit the Second Amendment.  It's an outdated pronouncement and should be modified substantially before this country slips into another civil war which will make the first one look like a garden party.

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