It’s all over but the shouting

It's just the middle of July but for all intents and purposes the November presidential election is settled. Barack Obama will be reelected not because he has been a particularly good president but because the Republicans choose to nominate a man with no core, no principles, no ability to tell the truth, all wrapped up in a dorkish package that is becoming a national joke.  Mitt-Witt cannot even get straight his dates of employment at the now infamous Bain Capital although he signed SEC documents indicating he was still in charge of Bain when he had previously said he had left the firm.  Now I am somewhat familiar with SEC forms and if you lie on them you can get in big hot water.  Mitt-Witt also has gone on and on about how horrible the individual health care mandate of Obamacare is while he was the one who came up with the idea in Massachusetts. Meanwhile in one of the more cynical moves in recent political history Mitt the Moron goes to a NAACP convention and says inflammatory things that he and his staff know will get a bad reaction so that reaction could be used later in the day to insure extreme right wingers that he was not for "giving people free things".  Anyone think that is just a bit racist? 

However, what I have found most amusing is how the Obama campaign is now completely outclassing the wizard of Wall Street.  Romney is totally on the defensive and the campaign is not focusing on the economy but on side issues prompted by Mitt-Witt's penchant for secrecy.  Oh yeah Mitt, when can we see the rest of your tax returns?  How many Swiss bank accounts do you and Annie have?  Give Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich credit for knowing this would happen. So my friends enjoy another weekend of above normal temperatures although Mitt-Witt denies such a thing exists.  Guess it's still pretty cool in Zurich.

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