It’s Over

Last night's Florida primary settled things.  Willard Romney will be the Republican nominee for president.  How utterly delicious.  After beating their chests like cavemen conservatives for the past two years the Republicans will put forth a guy that we all know is not a conservative.  Just look at the record and one can see that at  times Romney acted and voted very much like a Massachusetts liberal.  Serves Eric Cantor right!!!

 Romney is destined to be a footnote to history.  Obama will destroy him and I hope he does a good job.  There is something about Romney that disturbs me greatly and just can't put my finger on it. All I know is that I want someone in the White House who makes secular based decisions and not ones colored by personal religious beliefs.  On another note I was happy to see Newt Gingrich get his fat ass kicked in Florida.  He hit a new low when he accused Romney of denying Jewish seniors kosher meals.  The linked Milbank story on Newt is a must read. 

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