It’s sick out there and getting sicker

All this fuss about Ray Rice hitting his wife!!  You would think there would be more important things in the world for the media to concentrate on.  All the feminists are screaming bloody murder about this incident.  Such an outrage!!!  Well sure, it’s not right for anyone to slug anyone else and even more so for a football player to slam a women in the face but you know what folks this type of thing has been going on since the beginning of time and no amount of whining by the PC crowd is going to change things.  What’s so amazing is the surprise that the NFL was slow in responding to the incident.  Anyone with a brain knows that the NFL employs hundreds of thugs who battle it out every Sunday to the delight of millions including many women who love to see the violence.  So what’s the big surprise that one of the thugs did what he did to his then girlfriend who then went on to marry him?  Obviously Mrs. Rice was very comfortable with the prospect of being slugged again as long as Mr. Rice kept raking in the millions.  In the end this is a private matter between two people and public outrage should be directed against more worthy targets like the fact that the climate is changing so dramatically that the very existence of the planet is threatened.

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