It’s the Place

Seems right to be blogging from my city place. Even at five in the morning you can hear the developing din of the day, very different atmosphere compared to NJ and certainly one I prefer. Here in the West Village life never seems as complicated as we all know it really is. I find here in a small enclave of Manhattan a fairly close knit community.  Many of us have lived here for generations and we are the ones that worry about the vile commercialization  of the West Village that is contorting the whole idea of freedom and diversity that drew so many of us here in the first place.  Bleeker Street is being turned into lifeless mini 5th Ave. with designer stories crowding out long term tenants that brought unique style to Bleeker not that overpriced crap I see in the windows now.  With all the bitching said it's great to be here and observe what's happening in the Big Apple.  Well, for starters they kicked the people out of the park down on Wall,  Thank goodness.  They were starting to live like animals and needed to be kicked out for health and safety reasons. Meanwhile on the national front, Herman Cain is increasingly becoming a national embarrassment. He is ignorant and arrogant and I am more prepared to take on the duties of Commander in Chief than he could ever dream to be. I know Europe has its own problems but their leaders have some substance.For instance, surely they all know that China has had nuclear weapons for more that 40 years.  Herman Cain is a flim-flam man out to sell a lot of books and the creeps in media know a could entertainer when they see one, hence, a Herman Cain. What is there to say of Rick Perry going on late night TV?  We have a political system that is so horrendous that it really makes me think the final days are upon us.  Long time readers of this thread know I consider the MEDIA and particularly FOX NEWS to be agents of the anti-Christ. Love being in the city,  It cheers me so. 

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