Jersey drivers

I grew up hearing the term ' jersey driver'.  It was used repeatedly to curse at those drivers with jersey plates that when in New York displayed total disregard for safety or traffic rules.  Unfortunately now that I reside in the armpit of the eastern seaboard I have to contend with these menaces on a daily basis.  These creeps continually tail gait me although I go the speed limit.  They run red lights (one driver almost hit me recently).  They are particularly dangerous in parking lots where many women who drive huge SUV's think they can pull out of a space without looking.  And forget the geezer jersey drivers who are in abundance in the area that I live in.  They are a menace to civilization.  Hopefully, before I kick the bucket I will be able to escape my self imposed exile in the "garden" state before one of these jerks kills me on the road!!

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