Joe Scarborough is now an arrogant DOUCHE

I am a very early riser and for a long time now my routine in the morning has included watching "Morning Joe" hosted by Joe Scarborough.  For many years I considered him a reasonable fellow and although not always agreeing with him believed him to be somewhat sincere in this views.  His willingness to criticize fellow Republicans was an attraction as was his moderate approach to many issues that impacted the country.  All through the Republican primaries he was a harsh critic of Romney often blasting him for running a horrible campaign and for his lack of any real proposals.  However, ever since the first debate in which Mitt-Witt sought to reinvent himself Scarborough has emerged as one of Romney's biggest backers and apologist.  Along with frequent guest Mark Halpern who is touted as an objective reporter although he was once called President Obama a "dick" on the air and was subsequently suspended for a few days from being on MSNBC, he regularly disparages the President and talks about how Mitt-Witt is going to win even though in recent days the polls indicate just the opposite.  Scarborough has become a Romney stooge and in my view has lost substantial appeal as a commentator.  Last week he made fun , along with the scumbag Halpern, of co-host Mika Brzezinski who was criticizing Mitt-Witt for his binder remarks about women thereby showing his true colors on issues important to women. 

Why the change in Scarborough?  Well I have a theory.  He knows Romney is going to lose but in supporting him now he is shoring up his Republican credentials so when he goes all out for Jeb Bush in 2016 he will have credibility with conservatives again.  He is a big Bush ass kisser and that is his real agenda.  Just another cynical Republican stooge and a newly minted DOUCHE.

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