John McCain is a mental case

Even in the days when I considered myself a Republican I never liked John McCain.  I considered him a self-righteous hypocrite with limited intelligence.  Then came the presidential election in which among other things he choose a totally unqualified moron to be one heart beat away from the oval office, as well as proclaiming that the "economy was fundamentally sound" as the financial world was crumbling.  Now in a tough race for reelection to a fifth term in Arizona McCain is running ads saying that President Obama's left wing agenda will bankrupt the country.  This is an outrage from an obviously demented man.  If it were not for Obama the country would be in a deep depression right now.  Of course, McCain doesn't mention the progress of the stock market in 2009.  I thought Republicans believed in the free market?  Well the market said Obama rescued us from financial disaster last year.  I know McCain is considered a hero because he was incompetent as a pilot and managed to get himself shot down over Vietnam and became a celebrated prisoner of war.  In my view the torture while in captivity made him a mental case and he should be retired from public life.  After-all he has five houses to live in and just shuttling between them should keep him and his Barbie Doll wife (who he married for money) busy. 

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