Jon Huntsman

Of all the individuals who choose to run for the Republican Presidential Nomination, I thought by far that Jon Huntsman was the class of the field.  The man is the former Ambassador to China, our nation's most important international competitor.  The man spoke Chinese.  On foreign policy issues he was great and his record as governor of Utah won raves.  Importantly for right-wingers he was pro-life and his record on that was consistent.  He was an attractive candidate in many ways. However, his campaign never really took off. His debate style was boring. His organization sucked.  Still he was the pick of the litter, but as of today it's said he will leave the race and endorse Willard. 

This is a very smart move by Huntsman and sets him up to be the nominee in 2016.  I bet that Huntsman who everybody knows hates Mittens (the families have feuded over the years and nothing is worse than a Mormon family feud) knows that Mittens can't beat Obama.  This sets him up for next cyclical with name recognition and the reputation of loyalty to the party.  Huntsman is being very savvy and will be waiting in the wings for the real big one in 2016.

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