Let’s get real folks!!

I'm confident that gay activists along with the NY Times want folks to think that the most pressing issue in the national consciousness is "marriage" equality".  They are wrong.  Come this November folks will be, as usual, voting with their pocket books in mind.  Honestly, all this clamor over gay marriage is getting too much to bear. If gays want into enter into a contract that in the heterosexual world ends in termination 50% of the time, let them do it with my blessing.  As an aside,in my life I have known several gay couples that although they were not "married" were devoted partners and they never complained about not having the ability to get married.  They took care of each other and wrote very specific wills about what would happen financially after one departed. 

Accordingly I think the important issue before the public should be the collapse of Greece and the import to the global economy.  Also, growth in China is slowing down which has ominous portends for the world financial system.  In this country we still have big banks being reckless in their investment activities and apparently no one has the courage to face up to them because they contribute so much money to politicians.  We have a Supreme Court that has allowed corporate America to buy the political discourse in this country, and in a few weeks will say that health care reform is dead.  As a society we face a right wing takeover of all three branches of government in November and all people can talk about is gay marriage. Give me a break.  The world has truly gone mad. Time to get real folks!!!

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