Let’s not lose our head

I doubt there are many people that haven’t heard of the gruesome beheading of American journalist James Foley this past week by the disgusting terrorist group know as ISIS. Suddenly because of this incident of horror the USA is contemplating expanding its air war in Iraq into neighboring Syria where ISIS is the strongest.  This in my view would be a terrible move and lead to a full scale involvement in an area of the world where we cannot win.  Sure Foley died in a repulsive manner and I have sympathy for his family.  But remember Foley was there on his own accord and not as a member of the military.  He was a journalist that was well aware of his situation going into war zones filled with danger.  In many ways he was a thrill seeker looking for acclaim for his work. To expand the role of the US in bombing Syria to avenge his death would be a big mistake.  More American lives would be put in danger.  The cost would be high in terms of money and it would just make us more hated in a part of the world where we already have very low approval ratings. Yeah James Foley lost his head but the USA should not!!!

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