Lindsey Graham

This political season has given us a plentiful crop of repulsive personalities.  Some verge on be dictatorial and racist.  One woman takes millions in speaking fees from Wall Street and won't release what she said.  The FBI is looking into her electronic activity. We have an old Brooklyn Jewish guy who no matter how you nuance it is a socialist.  I know the type well having grown up with them in The Bronx.  Smart and good intentioned people who happen to be wrong on lots of economic issues.  Oh, we also a religious fanatic lunatic who has a father that speaks in tongues and handles snakes.  

There are sub players to the main creeps.  People like The Fat Slob is a prime example.  Anyone for Ben Carson?  Sarah Palin?  But perhaps the funniest and most pathetic is Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.  I can only conclude that because he is small half pint piece of crap that he has to compensate by trying to make news,  His pathetic comedy review barely impacted the Republican primary and this little clown is now thinking his "endorsement" counts.  He goes candidate to candidate.  Now of all people he is endorsing Ted Cruz a person who he detests.  He has said so publicly many times.  Now he is fund raising for Ted the Texas lunatic.  

It's assholes like Lindsey Graham that have created the anger that now rules the land.  Graham is a pitiful little shit who has always been all too ready to send our troops into combat.  He lays claim to be a military specialist  Just like his buddy McCain the Insane.  Graham is disgusting and a poster boy for the end of the GOP.  They deserve what they are getting!!!

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