Look in the mirror folks

To be sure Putin is an egotistical maniac who I hold responsible for a bevy of crimes against humanity.  He is another Hitler and the world would be better off if he were gone from the planet.  The USA has condemned Putin and his minions for their acts of terror and war with some modest slaps on the wrist which is all our fearless president can think of as punishment.  However, he still thinks about raising money as he travels the country going to one money-raising event after another. .  To say that his behavior is unseemly is to put it kindly.  Still what really annoys me on this lovely summer morning is the hypocrisy of my country in even criticizing Putin when we a funding the attempted annihilation of the Palestinian people and the cruel killing of hundreds of children in Gaza.  We are also a country that continues to tortor  people who are already condemned to death.  Did you hear about that other botched execution in Arizona (gee what a surprise) yesterday.  Makes me sick to see my country allowing such barbarous acts.  In sum, the USA has some nerve in condemning other countries.  We should all look in the mirror.

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