Malaysian Air Again

What’s the deal with Malaysian Airlines?  In a little over four months 500 souls have perished when riding in one of their planes.  Of course readers know my theory on Flight 370 which has never been found.  I believe it was taken by aliens. The latest event likely had a flight shot done over Ukraine.  My guess it was the Russians who are known for being a little trigger happy.  If so it will be a grave turn of events and in keeping with my theory that Putin is a monster and that the world is under estimating his potential for evil.  Putin could indeed be leading the world into a major crisis which inevitably will involve the USA and will require military force.  I only hope that Obama is up to facing down the evil which is Putin.  Once before the world ignored the threat of another madman and Hitler led the way for a catastrophic world war.  Maybe Angela Merkel will now show some sense and sanction Putin.  Meanwhile if you really don’t like somebody instead of telling them to go to hell tell them to book a flight on Malaysian Air.

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