Male sorta, sfortuna

For those of you who do not know common Italian-American “expressions” the title of this comment refers to bad luck.  Italians are generally known for their sunny dispositions and for the most part are a fun-loving people.  However, there is a darker side and often that darkness is manifested into many Italians believing in bad luck usually the result of the evil eye(malocchio) being put on a poor soul by an evil demon.  Anyway I sort of grew up within this culture and when things get a little rough for me and a string of misfortunes and woes hit (usually in rapid succession) I wonder who it is that has it in for me.  This leads to a series of potential cursors since you are nearly 70 years old and lived long enough to alienate enough people who probably love to get even.  However, you consider yourself a good guy and totally unworthy of the evil eye.  In the old days if the old ladies thought that they were getting the evil eye they would go to a seven day novena dressed in black.  Needless to say friends I’m not up to that scene.  But I have taken to wearing some obnoxious black horn necklace purchased in Little Italy years ago for fun,  Also sprinkled some salt around the foundation of the house to ward off the evil spirits.  Cheap insurance.  Anyway all this nonsense won’t accomplish much and I really don’t expect it to.  The interesting part for me is that sometimes the “old” Italian beliefs still manage to surface when things get tough.  Guess it’s in the DNA.




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