Mariner’s Choice International, Inc.

I have repeatedly promised myself that I would never purchase another pink sheet stock. To be sure, my past experience with these stocks have almost always ended in disappointment. However, about six-months ago a business acquaintance mentioned a company to me by the name of Mariner'Choice International, Inc. (MCII-PK).  Of course the initial mention came with a good amount of hype and predictions for a big near term spike in price. At the time the stock was trading roughly at the level that it is today.  Well big surprise!  The short term claims never panned out.  However, after feeling very bitter at the folks who hyped the stock to me (and very stupid for falling for their hype) I started to do some checking on MCII to see if in fact they were a real company with any prospects for growth.  My research has included conversations with the company's CEO.  Today, I have concluded that MCII is indeed a "real" company, that has recently announced some key distribution partners for their eco-friendly products that serve a growing market niche of "green" related solutions.  Of course, MCII is a very speculative risky play, just like most pink sheet numbers.  Still, I think the company has a valid and well thought out business plan that could produce some significant revenue growth within the next year.  Do your own research including visiting the company's web site.  Some folks have already written about MCII and the linked article is very interesting.  Again, offering full disclosure, I own this stock and this mention should in no way constitute a recommendation to buy or purchase any security including MCII.

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