Market Madness

I really shouldn't post when I'm in a lousy mood but here it goes anyway.  After being involved in the stock market for virtually all of my working life I can't remember a time when the market baffles me as much as it does today.  I just can't believe that stocks aren't tanking given the still horrible condition of the economy – and in particular the housing sector.  Credit is still tight to not available for those wanting to buy property so the inventory of unsold homes just keeps building.  Yes, maybe Lowe's and Home Depot are doing slightly better as folks fix up the old place because they can't move on to a new home.  But the central point is there is no recovery taking place in real estate and until that happens any rally (and particularly this one ) is suspect in my opinion.  This rally for the past couple days is really a case of whistling past the grave yard. 

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