Mayor Douche is at it again

Well the Douche Mayor of NYC is at it again.  He is now proposing to ban sugary soft drinks in an effort to combat obesity. What nerve!! Who the hell does this mega creep think he is? Really folks he makes my blood boil with his audacity.  What makes him think that he is the keeper of all of us, protecting us from the evils of smoking and now sugary drinks?  Since when is the government and more specifically the Boston Douche responsible for the way we lead our lives?  He also wants us to ride bikes by creating hundreds of bike lanes in NYC the only purpose of which is to encourage a bunch of health nuts to recklessly ride all over the place thereby putting those of us who cross streets at risk of serious injury.  For the record, I don't drink sugar laced drinks because I know they are empty calories that should be avoided.  However, it's my decision not being forced on me by a billionaire Douche who bought his way to a third term by over turning over the will of the people.  I guess you folks get the point…………I can't stand Bloomberg and I better stop before I give myself a stroke!!!

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