McCain the Insane

Every time I regret supporting Obama in 2008 I then consider what the alternative was – John McCain. Indeed, McCain should be in a mental hospital and not the US Senate.  The nut from Arizona who is seriously deranged is now complaining about how he is misquoted by the media.  The truth be known he is not being misquoted but can’t tolerate when he is called on the carpet for being the fool that he is.  Can you imagine what kind of president he would have made?  We probably would all be dead now from this insane man starting a nuclear war.  And remember folks this is the guy who picked Sarah Palin to be one heart beat about from the Oval Office. For my part I wish the media would not pay any attention to McCain and let him rant without any audience. He claims he wants to run again for the Senate although polls in Arizona show that voters are getting tired of his act.  I hope he does run for I would like nothing better than to see this creep concede another election.

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