McCain’s Recession

According to presumptive GOP nominee John McCain the US is in a recession.  This comes from a man who has already admitted that he doesn’t know much about economics.  At the same time the Arizona senator blames “greedy Wall Street” for much of the current economic problems.  For my part, I believe that John McCain should take a crash course in economics before opening his mouth again to pronounce economic theory.  The economy is still not technically in a recession.  In fact in my opinion, much of the current economic weakness has been caused by the media talking about recession since last year and hoping for one so they can fill their newscasts with misery and despair.  It seems McCain is eager to do the same, which comes as no surprise to me since he is one of the most disingenuous politicians I have ever seen come down the pike. Hopefully, voters will see things the same way in November and send him to the retirement home were he belongs. 

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