Memo to Bill Clinton: SHUT UP

I never liked Bill Clinton.  In fact I have a framed copy of the NY Times for the day he was impeached. In my opinion he is a disgraceful excuse for a human being notwithstanding his attempt at character rehabilitation by forming various foundations during humanistic works.  Does not impress me.  The man just craves attention and by his various activities he still seeks media coverage.  Most recently the ex-president is giving the Obama campaign fits for unscripted comments one of which praised Mitt Romney as being " a sterling businessman and effective governor". He's been spouting other crap as well and one must wonder if big Bill is still carrying a grudge against Obama for beating Hillary in 2008.? Bill Clinton was just waiting to be the First Husband.  He saw it as his deserved third term.  He's  clearly still pissed at Obama for denying him that opportunity so he is purposely making it tough on poor Barack this time around.  Clinton also doesn't like Obama ruffling the feathers of this Wall Street chums.  Bill Clinton always craved money (Whitewater) and he likes hanging with the big money. Not surprising for a guy who was once white trash.

One other thing. Clinton is acting as though he is an economic expert.  Even though he raised taxes the economy thrived he bellows. What the blow hard from Arkansas ( not Chappaqua) fails to mention is that during his terms the technology and Internet revolution was in full swing  in the US thanks in large part to the business incentives that were offered by the previous Administration. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than smart and  that's really the story of Clinton's life.

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