Message Board Morons

In previous posts I have warned stock investors to disregard most of what they read on stock message boards. Sometimes you can get some good information and insights as to a stock’s prospects but most of the time the boards are full of nonsense.  However, I must point out that one particular message board site is completely ridiculous.  Specifically investors should avoid any information provided by Investors Hub since it’s a site that let’s folks tout low priced stocks with impunity and when someone tries to challenge the touts their post are expunged. Moreover, they favor those posters that pay them for other services.  I’ve been made aware of these transgressions by way of a scam company by the name of Mariner’s Choice that I had the misfortune and stupidity to invest in years ago.  The company is an utter fraud but is defended on the Investors Hub site by a moron by that goes by the tag Value_Investor.  Whoever this person is tries to convince people that “technical” analysis can be applied to sub-penny stocks.  Doesn’t matter to this moron that Mariners Choice is a scam.  He (or she) says every stock – even scams- have value.  So while investors should be wary of all stock message boards take my advise and avoid Investors Hub in particular.

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