Michael Bloomberg is a Douche

I know that the political season is past and that I should be focusing more in bringing you all some stock ideas, but I just have to comment on the creep that is currently the mayor of New York City.  You see Michael Bloomberg is truly an "elitist".  He thinks he knows best for all of mankind.  Wants us to eat more healthy and therefore puts more financial burden of food vendors.  Nobody should smoke, so now a pack of smokes costs $10 in NYC.  Then of course there is term limits.  In both 1993 and 1996 the voters of NYC overwhelmingly voted to limit terms to 8 years.  However, since the world and particularly NYC is in such dire shape Bloomberg decided the city needs him for another term.  So he goes forth and convinces the city council to go along with his proposal to amend the term limit law, without putting it to public referendum.  Unbelievable hubris!!  What an ego!! But yesterday was the icing on the cake.  His honor announces that the $400 property tax rebate that owners were expecting to be in the mail in October are CANCELED.  The city can't afford it.  Now I did some checking and these rebates were prominently featured on the NYC Finance site.  So Bloomberg waits until after ramming through term-limits to announce the rebate news.  The man is a douche and I hope he loses when he runs for his third term.

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