Michigan’s Primary

Just a few short weeks ago after the Florida primary most commentators, including myself opined that the Republican nomination fight was over and that Mitt Romney was the assured nominee.  Today however, that is not the case as Romney has had a horrible time of it since his win in Florida. A series of horrible campaign gaffes and a surging Rick Santorum have made Romney a very weak front runner if he can even lay claim to that title since many national polls now have Santorum ahead.  Accordingly the upcoming primary in Michigan looms as a potential turning point in the Republican presidential sweepstakes.  Michigan has long been considered Romney territory.  His father was once governor of the state and Romney considers himself a home boy. Yet recent polls show Santorum with the edge in the state.  If Romney does lose Michigan it will be a major blow to this campaign and would actually make Santorum the likely GOP front runner.  How lucky can the White House get??

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