Mitt-Witt picks Eddie Munster

Mitt-Witt made the "bold" choice of Paul Ryan, aka Eddie Munster, as his VP choice over the weekend.  The selection of Eddie sent the Tea Party into a state of orgasmic pleasure and prompted many right wing nuts to dance a jig about how the 2012 election has been reshaped and that the Republican Party is finally getting it right.  The lunatic right loves Eddie Munster because he wants to gut the federal government and turn the clock back to where old people either drain their kids financially when they get sick or just die off and thereby decrease the excess population.  You see Eddie wants to gut Medicare and Social Security and go back to a dog eat dog society much like his mentor Ayn Rand.  Indeed, Rand titled one of her books "The Virtue of Selfishness".  It will be interesting to see if the Rand connection comes up during the campaign since Ms. Rand was also a staunch atheist and Eddie proclaims himself to be a devout anti-abortion Roman Catholic.  Anyway, it seems clear that the wing nuts got the guy they wanted who was named in his high school yearbook as the "biggest brown nose " in the class.  And judging from the way Eddie swooned at Mitt-Witt last night on 60-minutes his fellow classmates sure got that right!!

Eddie Munster is considered to be an the "intellectual" voice of the Republican Party.  What a joke! The guy as an undergrad degree from a third tier college in Ohio and has no post graduate training. He worked as personal trainer and in the family business before his brown nosing got him noticed by susceptible politicians which landed him a mail room job in DC.  So this "intellectual" crap is way overdone perhaps because the guy can memorize lots of stupid stats and recite them at will. Some say the by picking Eddie the election dynamic has changed which is nonsense.  People vote for president not vice president.  Yes, Sarah Palin may have been the exception to the rule as so many folks voted against McCain because of her.  Many people are also missing the fact that Mitt-Witt picked Eddie because he was losing and had to take a risk.  In my opinion, nothing much has changed except that states like Florida are now a lock for Obama. On the off hand chance that he wins, perhaps Mitt-Witt will select Cousin Itt as his chief of staff.

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