Mr. Khan’s 15 Minutes

This Khan man is getting his 15 minutes of fame.  I'm sick of hearing from him.  Who gives him the right to be lecturing us on what is moral? I feel very badly that he lost a son in Iraq.  Donald Trump was not responsible for that. Put the blame on the doorstep of George Bush who started a needless war that killed thousands of military men and civilians.  Blame Hillary Clinton for voting to authorize the war. In the community in which I now live many parents lost children when Muslims flew planes into the World Trade Center.  They still feel the pain but they have moved on with their lives.  The Khan's son was in the military.  He enlisted and assumed the danger.  The people in the World Trade Center on that September morning were not expecting what happened.  Trump is a disgusting person who should not be president but I don't need lectures from Mr. Khan to remind me of that!!  You had your 15 minutes now go away.

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